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“Ten years of ethical practices, a commitment to privacy, and a guarantee that when we say you can find a relationship on your terms, we mean it.

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The forecast is for a long hot summer, and even though it is unlikely to break records, there are lessons from the drought of 1976 that could save you money today.

Here, The Mail on Sunday explores how to cut your water bills and protect a precious resource.

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This is a monster that can do too much harm to be so commonly welcomed into our society, and it goes by the name “Materialism.” The scariest thing about materialism is that it is so easy to fall into, especially in this day and age. It confirms, through use of data collected by scientists over the last 40 years, what we have all long suspected from anecdote and our own eyes: the materialistic tend to be unhappy, those with material goods will remain unhappy, and the market feeds on unhappiness.

Should we move away from Gross National Product (Graham Music, a psychotherapist, has written a book called The Good Life: Wellbeing and the New Science of Altruism, Selfishness and Immorality.

Obnovený pivovar na severním Plzeňsku funguje jako chráněná dílna – na pozicích pivovarské chasy dává práci několika lidem s mentálním postižením.

„Většinou jde o kluky, které jejich rodiče dali do dětského domova záhy potom, co se přišlo na jejich postižení, které vlastně není nikterak velké, ale které stačilo na to, aby je vyřadilo z života mezi námi „normálními“ lidmi,“ uvedla ředitelka Domova Domino Hana Rusňáková.