Updating oblivion lod files

Poor walk-paths, jerky animations, their repeating street-chatter, and just the way they looked unconvincing during player-conversations.

The accents were also wildly variable — Nord women who sounded like they were from Texas, for instance.

You’re going to need about 15Gb of space on your hard-drive. This will save you time and effort in installing the remaining mods. And any compatibility patches you may plan on needing (see the patch for the next item, for instance). Install the wonderful Lost Spires (a great “first quest” if you’re coming to the game after finishing ) the Lost Spires / Unique Landscapes: Dark Forest compatibility patch. Install OOO 1.3.5 complete setup (major re-balancing and other desirable changes) INSTALL THE TEXTURES: 8. If you have Streamline, this conflicts with the Streamline in-game ‘optimiser’ mod, since Streamline will try to remove weather effects “on the fly” in order to maintain framerate. Natural Environments (but its optional weather mod, since we’re already using the excellent Enhanced Weather mod) Water Reflection Blur 0.3 (reliably and elegantly blurs the crude blocky/pixelated reflections seen on far-distance water, and it works well with the Natural Water mod that’s part of Natural Environments). The 50% darker nights mod found in Enhanced Weather (above) Illumination Within – Revived (glowing windows on a script) Real Night Sky v2.0. to get the full effect of glowing windows at night.

Install Qarl’s Texture Pack 3 – Redimized (1.3Gb) and then the patch (mmm, highly optimized hi-res textures! For this, you should have already installed the QTP3 UOP350 Compatibility Patch in Step 1 (see above). install Detailed Terrain (intelligent seam-blending between textures) and the Detailed Terrain : Unique Landscapes pack. Illumination Within requires two simple Oblivion edits using Notepad. FIX THE NPCs: NPCs were originally, in my opinion, one of the worst aspects of Oblivion.

Specifically, the presence of references to records injected by the esp into the esm in the esm meant that you can't load in TESCS without also loading the or you got a while load of errors thrown at you.

That meant it was impossible to edit another esp which depends on in TESCS without loading the as well which messes up the Form IDs written by TESCS into that other esp.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch: Version History By the Unofficial Patch Project Team Bugs fixed by official Bethesda patches will be stricken through and the version of the game they are fixed in will be indicated in brackets.

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The USSEP bug tracker numbers will be listed for bugs that have been recorded there when they are solved.

(The same applies to WRLD records) One great side effect of these changes is that the "cleanup references to injected records" is now working for everything in the Cell and Worldspace tree as well!

That means it's now trivial to completely and properly fix OOO.

Bugs fixed based on UESP reports that don't have corresponding tracker entries will have a link to the UESP page where the bug was reported.

To view a bug entry in our tracker, enter the bug number here: v4.0.7 (2017-04-16) USSEP Fixes "Meat Pie" as Sorex Vinius referred to them as this several times in Tending the Flames, then gave a misnamed "Apple Pie"; note that the item's internal name is Food Pie (no mention of apples) and they are sold at inns (ie pub pies, which are meat pies) so this appears to be a mistake by the developers (there is no recipe to make them either and they are mentioned nowhere else) [USKP 1.2.3] Renamed all 19 types of Elven Gauntlets that were misnamed "Elven Bracers of..." Renamed all 15 types of Steel Plate Gauntlets that were misnamed "Steel Plate Bracers of..." Form ID: 000C891D MS11Necromancer Amulet "Necromancer Amulet" - "Whiterun.