Updating msi bios on vista dating site for lover

First of all, MSI documentations SUCKS, M-Flash SUCKS.

Few hours of research and possibly luck I was able to update the BIOS on my new system.

updating msi bios on vista-65

I have the above mentioned motherboard since 2009 on my system.I formatted the flashdrive to fat32 as many websites say but nothing worked.I placed the files on the root of the flash drive and could see them but selecing them would freeze the bios.Hi, I've been trying to update the BIOS of my K9A platinum to the most recent to try and solve a problem with constant hard lockups and pc turning itself off, yet I can't seem to be able to. func=downloaddetail&type=bios&maincat_no=1&prod_no=259And it tells me to run the flash application it comes with, but it won't run at all -- says it doesn't work on x64 based systems or on vista, one of both.Then, I tried reading instructions for manual instalation, and they only seem to exist for windows ME or XP, nothing for Vista... never flash when your PC is Moan Guide and provide full PC specifications including PSU details.(look for them over PSU sticker)provide more details where exactly is lockup. do a Are you running any external USB storage devices? When the PC turns itself off, do you have to unplug the psu to get it to power on again?