Updating childrens photos on passports

You can simply choose a white wall if there is one in your house (or you know someone that has white walls), or you can create one by taping up white butcher paper or pinning up a white sheet.If you use a sheet make sure it is not wrinkly because the wrinkles may show up and you need a plain background.

If the old passport was issued before 2005 you must also submit the child’s birth certificate.Children can no longer be included on the passport of a parent or guardian, and must have their own passport in order to travel overseas.Despite the obvious difficulties, most of the conditions that apply to an adult passport photo also applies to one for a child or baby of any age.The reason that you need to make sure there is good lighting is that you need to make sure there are not any shadows on your face. Position your subject and be ready to shoot quickly.In the past, children could be included on a parent’s Irish passport.