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I wanted to know more about how they communicate, so, I decided to go directly to the source. So you like stop texting.” Once I was able to cipher through all of the “likes”, I understood, and, in some ways, was able to apply this method of romance to how we did it in my day.

In all of my interviewing experience, I have never been more intimidated than sitting before a panel of teenagers. Then, like, depending on whether it’s like cool, then you maybe talk on the cell phone. It’s like (yes, I said “like”), passing notes in class, only multiplied a thousand fold.

"E-mail and texts have become safe havens for escape artists," says Susan Newman, Ph. "You can ignore messages, don't have to answer questions you don't like, and you never have to see how much you've hurt someone.

We're missing the valuable lessons in-the-flesh talks can teach us." By exploring three women's digital dilemmas (we're sure they're not the only ones wrestling with technology!

I'm doin' well, so I can't complain, I took the pain And made it art that y'all see it today You don't like it?

You can fuck yourself And give your opinion to someone else I made the best of the hand I was dealt People that talk the most can't handle themselves So you hear about it's annual wealth Your bad vibes gon' to damage your health Lost in your pride, you never asked for help Look into my eyes and see what they reveal I'ma be a legend, I promise that for real, yeah [Hook: Trippz Michaud] Tried to make everybody happy, that was my biggest mistake I could show you how I feel, yo, get the fuck up out my face I'ma blow, run the show That's something I fuckin' know I do this all on my own And the only way we're goin' is up I won't stop for nothing, I say I'ma do this on my own and now I'm Sick and tired of running away And the only way we're going is up [Verse 3: Witt Lowry] And I can't wait to go read all your comments Like, "Mark only, Mark only talks about girls." You listened to two songs, man, you are too wrong Here is my nut for you internet squirrels I'm spillin' my world, you're spillin' your hate It's okay, you're a lame motherfucker will never relate I'm a shark in the tank, you're the ship that I sank I can't rap about money, there's none in my bank And to think you'd ever stop hatin' Biggest mistake was to ever start datin' That's time that I wasted, no time to be waitin' I should be at Red Rocks and chillin' with Peyton I'm waitin' on tables, but waitin' for tables to turn And see Witt motherfucker 'til death on my urn Now I'm next to the rest and y'all waitin' your turn But they want me fail or to crash and to burn So I pour gas on the fire Motherfuck me?

This mysterious and intriguing breed piqued my interest.

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Currently Mexico recognizes same-sex marriage in several states.

The Mexican Supreme Court has been instrumental in this recognition, advancing an interpretation of marriage outside its historical and textual interpretation.