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Since leaving Summer Bay in 2011, Tessa has worked on works including the Australian films Harmony, with Jacqueline Mc Kenzie, and Spin Out, with Xavier Samuel and Lincoln Lewis.In 2015, she also had a minor part in the TV series Love Child and has previously appeared in Neighbours.James's former co-star Esther Anderson, who left the soap shortly after James, is also believed to be trying to launch her Hollywood career.She recently said: "I don't have a plan set in concrete to move there just yet.

And during a new interview with the Sunday Telegraph, the Australian star has revealed that she is now taking a more relaxed approach when it comes to making decisions, especially when it comes to work.

The satin number featured navy material across one breast and a black coloured piece of material down the other side, which fell into a twist across her torso and showed a generous amount of cleavage.

She's known for previously playing beach babe Nicole Franklin on Home and Away.

Guy Pearce plays my dad, Ryan Corr is the main character Tim, Geoffrey Rush has a part as well as Anthony La Paglia and Sarah Snook. Again it's a mostly Indigenous cast and is a kids series but it's more gritty and real. And they were just inducted into the Hall of Fame at the recent Logies, it's pretty impressive."5.

I play a lesbian, which is great, because there aren't many gay roles being written for young adults on commercial tv."4. I didn't know the extent of its international following until I started working on it - it's huge. She's a keen surfer IRL who's passionate about the planet."I studied Environmental Sciences at Uni and then went on to work for the State Government for two years doing assessment reports for them on the environment.