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Rose Monroe loves grilling barbecue at the beach with her friends.

She also loves to drive through California Rockies, enjoying the vibrations of the engine as she opens up on the winding roads.

Rose started shooting in 2011, and in a short time she's became one of the top Latina porn star.

She moved to the United States to pursue her pornstar career.

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photo shoot circa 2002, which makes sense, since that’s when the original film debuted.

It’s assumed that every woman who meets Cage wants to sleep with him—even Becky (Nina Dobrev), the manic pixie tech expert in Rivers Cuomo glasses, who spills her safeword just moments after meeting him.

(Spoiler alert: It’s that’s subtly forward-thinking. Aussie actress Ruby Rose steals the show as Adele, an environmental rights activist who tranquilizes lion poachers in her spare time.

CIA agent Marke (Toni Collette) taps Cage for a deadly mission that will involve fast cars, snappy one-liners, and women slowly ascending from a swimming pool as the camera lasciviously examines their soaking wet bodies.

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