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In the rhetoric school the mathematics curriculum seeks to build upon the liberal arts of arithmetic and geometry, expanding these skills as students explore the concepts of discrete quantity and continuous magnitude in the subjects of Algebra and Calculus.

From the ancient Greek’s use of trigonometry to determine relative distances of the sun and the moon to Galileo’s predictions of the rate of fall of projectiles, math has been an integral part of analyzing the natural world.

It is the language spoken by God’s physical creation.

We discover in mathematics a reflection of the order, rationality, and immutability found in God’s own divine nature.

The courses in the rhetoric school are all focused on teaching students how to construct and express arguments through deeper exposure to and practice with the subjects taught.

Our liberal arts training, emphasizing the verbal and mathematical arts, along with the integration of subjects, comes alive most fully during these last four years.

Beyond simply preparing them for college, our curriculum endows them with useful capacities and invigorated imaginations.

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Speed dating events geneva