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Disclaimer: I wish I owned Teen Titans, but I do own Cat Girl. " said Robin firmly as he and the team ran or flew to the store. Never mind" said Robin shocked at the police arrested Control Freak. Robin watched the scene with a lot of suspicion."thought Robin angrily.

Raven was reading a book called, 'A Wrinkle in Time.' Starfire was watching Beast Boy and Cyborg play the Game Station. Cyborg shut the game off and everyone gathered around him."It's Control Freak, he's causing chaos at a video store." said Cyborg after looking at the screen."All right Titans go! She took her masked eyes off the moon as nodded her thanks."Thank you Starfire," said Cat Girl quietly.

He did his best to forget about thatterrible episode of confrontation with Chester that happened at work in themorning.

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