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An emotional affair, while not technically adultery, can still be considered inappropriate marital conduct, the catch-all fault ground for divorce in our state.

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Human trafficking has become prevalent in the state, and Stout rejoined the TBI two years ago as a consultant to help spread the word about widespread exploitation."You are going to be shocked when you hear more about human trafficking," Stout warned those who attended his presentation, "Human Trafficking Awareness," on Tuesday at the Northfield Workforce Development &Conference Center in Spring Hill. Incidents of human sex trafficking in Tennessee include nearly every county in the state, Stout said.In 2013, three-quarters of Tennessee’s 95 counties reported at least one case of sex trafficking, more than 70 percent involving a child.Many times, parents sell their children to raise drug money. Nothing upsets me more than crimes against children.The sergeant also assists the victims during the prosecution of offenders.The Criminal Investigations Division is a registering location for convicted sex offenders who live in the city limits of Spring Hill.