Ron and tavia dating

In response to some of the incisive questions, Ron used laughter to answer pass them.When Ron was asked which TVB fa dan is he most compatible with, Ron nearly blurted out, "I am rather compatible with Tavia Yeung. He also praised Tavia's beautiful appearance in "Twin of Brothers". Ron has a good memory, but his information is not accurate."Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles" is really an appropriate name for this show.Tavia was very angry because of this.” At the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards, Tavia was caught on camera to be “snubbing” at Nancy, and purposely ignored her to chat with Kate Tsui.Although Tavia was seen congratulating Nancy after her win at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards on December 2015, she was spotted to turn a black face after the cameras turned away from her.I think they are really cute together, I would love to see these two as a couple in another TVB drama.Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng The Academy and On the First Beat They start as foe when Ron arrest Tavia's brother play by Deep Ng and eventually they fell in love but 'On the first beat' she broke up with him because she found someone better, which Ron eventually date Joey Yung's character. I think they were so cute and I would love to see them together in another drama.

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Some reports even pointed out that he requested Charmaine to purchase him a brand name vehicle worth over 2,000,000HKD during their dating period. Actually, I have never filmed any couple scene with Charmaine".Ron said, "Her ancient look really resembles an ancient person.Future Wife Must Know How to Make Soup Ron had expressed many times on food programmes saying that his future wife must know how to cook.She even try to commit suicide because of the pain is too much for her, in the end after the ups and down, Raymond's parents accepted her and Raymond realize that he love her very much, and so he proposes to her and she said yes.I would love to watch a sequel to Mystery of Love if there ever will be one because I would love to see their marriage life just like The Hippocratic Crush 2 where I can watch Tavia and Kenneth's marriage life.