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As early as the reign of Alfonso II "el Casto" King of Asturias (791-842), the construction of a series of fortified villages and castles was started in the mountains above the upper Ebro to guard against Muslim invasions, from which the name "Castilla" (later given to the area) was derived.

In 804, a separate bishopric was established at Valpuesta to administer religious affairs in the area.

Ibn al-Athir records that Fruela I King of Asturias (so dated to the 760s) took control of Lugo, Portucale, Salamanca, Zamora, vila, Segovia y Castilla Martnez Dez indicates that this passage represents the earliest mention of Castilla in history, although he concedes that Ibn al-Athir may have updated texts written in the 9th or 10th century by substituting the term which described the area when he compiled his own work (in the mid-13th century).

The earliest charter (which is not either spurious or dubious) in which the name Castilla appears is the document dated 18 Jan 836 under which Cardiel presbitero donated property in Castella quod nominatur Uilla Kardelli..Uillella to the church of San Andrs de Asa.

In the 14th and 15th centuries it was referred to as Chilternlangley.

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It is even possible that there was no family relationship at all.

Assuming for the moment that they were related, it is probable that the four are named in chronological order, starting from Gebica as the earliest predecessor.

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