Opi dating a royal jelly accounts payable law updating services

Dating a Royal is a jelly cobalt blue polish from the OPI Summer 2008 Mod About Brights Collection. I wore this polish a couple of days before I took the picture, so excuse the tip wear. I used a base coat, 3 coats of Dating a Royal and 1 coat of Seche Vite. A long time favorite that took me ages to get my hands on. Because it’s a jelly the formula is, of course, a bit on the thin side.I just did a simply manicure using Essie Hip-anema with a silver glitter accent nail.I wore a blue dress so the red and silver manicure worked really well.

I was really excited because the blue color looked so perfect.I don’t normally wear vampy colours so I was terribly pleased to find one that I loved.This is a lousy comparison with China Glaze Branding Iron, which is the closest to a “vampy” I could find in my cupboard.My pointer, middle, and pinky fingers have two coats of Zoya Yara, while my ring finger has two coats Zoya Ziv.I thought Ziv would complement the gold shimmer in Yara, and I was right! And this is what I actually wore on Valentine’s Day! And Mrs., and topped it with a glitter gradient of Sally Hansen Strobe Light, which I used on its own for an accent nail.