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is many things: devoted mom of a 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter, master of Jiu Jitsu, treehouse and rope swing builder, PTA mom, and mikvah-going Orthodox Jew who recently invented something fairly unorthodox: a called the Water Slyde, which does double duty as a sexual stimulant and a feminine cleanser.

Recently, that changed after I had a booth at a Health and Wellness Fair at our local Jewish Community Center. In fact, 35% of the women who attended bought one, which is considered hugely successful, and it really sparked something in our community. I also decided to call it a “pleasure product” rather than a sex toy. Besides your invention, you also practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (a martial art). READ: Let’s Get Real About Sex for Married Couples I began practicing Jiu Jitsu soon after we signed our son up to start.

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I love life and want to explore life to the fullest. I love nature, travelling, pets, music, outdoor life.

• Associating sex with shame • Song of Songs • The Song of Songs and sexuality • The Song of Songs and marriage • Contextual interpretation • Ethics • Legal marriage or religious marriage? • Marriage as a process • Conclusion • Acknowledgements • Competing interests • References Christians and the church tend to shy away from talking about sex, premarital sex and sex outside of marriage.

• Abstract • Introduction • Why do so many Christians associate sex with sin?