Mandating employee

Want your people to hunger for the future and your vision? Human beings want to be understood and to be heard.

You don’t have to agree with their views and opinions, but for goodness sake don’t say something like “You shouldn’t feel like that because of…”, or, “It doesn’t make sense you feel that way”.

Paul-based Cardiovascular Systems Inc., for both whistleblower retaliation and wrongful termination in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The jury on Monday awarded .7 million for past and future wage loss, and .4 million in punitive damages on Tuesday.

I know that for me to obtain my sparkly things, I need to heat things up and apply different pressure settings to different carbons.

“CSI is committed to ethical business practices throughout the organization,” the company responded in a statement.

Low-wage workers can find this balancing act especially difficult as they are more likely to work in jobs with few benefits and limited flexibility and they have fewer financial resources at their disposal.2 Everyone loses when families are forced to make tough compromises, and consequences for children’s healthy development can be especially troubling. is one of four nations that do not guarantee paid time-off to new mothers; the other countries that similarly provide no guarantee are Liberia, Papua New Guinea, and Swaziland.3 The federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides 12 weeks of unpaid leave from employment for major life events, but coverage is far from universal, and many cannot afford to take time-off from work without pay.

Current public policies in the United States do not adequately support workers striving to meet the obligations of work and family. Low-wage workers, in particular, would benefit from expanded paid leave policies, as they are less likely to be covered by the federal policy and are in greater need of pay during time-off from work for major life events.

Millions of working families experience a day-to-day struggle to make ends meet – nearly 40% of America’s children live in low-income families.1 When these families experience a major life event, such as having a baby or taking care of a family member with a serious illness, their already fragile financial situation can be further jeopardized.

With recent social and demographic shifts – including the increased participation of women in the labor force and the aging of the population – balancing work obligations with family responsibilities has become more and more challenging for all families.