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Based off the information we have so far, the series seems like a millennial version of “Punk’d,” where Lindsay channels her inner Ashton Kutcher by pranking people through their social media accounts. However, during the show, she will hijack contestants’ phones for 24 hours and give them three challenges they must complete via social media.

If they complete the challenges (which look pretty damn embarrassing), they’ll win “fabulous” prizes. The teaser gives an example of how witty Lindsay Lohan can be when she hacks a contestant’s phone. She asks Charlie’s best friend for some info Lindsay can use to her advantage during the hack, and starts daring Charlie to complete tasks like posing naked at an art class and making out with his boss. good.”Well, this is by far one of the strangest things Lindsay’s done to try to step back into the spotlight, but she already has us hooked.

" [ Host In the sequel, Eve will be tasked will helping a young woman learn how to "live and love again" while also experiencing her own trials and tribulations. staples Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys make appearances!

The network describes it as a "fun, edgy Christmas movie," and it will premiere in December 2018. No word yet on whether Lindsay Lohan will also make an appearance (a cameo, perhaps? When the show launched in 1998, it basically just featured Carson Daly counting down the most popular videos of the day, but it quickly exploded into an opportunity for celebs to promote themselves and fans to meet them.

And even when he does, those riches aren’t on the level of some Russian fortunes you read about. All that’s happening, really, is that Lindsay Lohan is living in London and dating a guy who works in real estate. It’s still glamorous and wild to be an American in London, dating the Russian heir to a minor retail and construction fortune. But, this romantic situation is more low-key than Lohan once seemed destined for.

Says Page Six’s source about Tarabasov’s father, “[he’s] a wealthy man who owns a construction firm and a couple of stores similar to Home Depot in the Moscow region, but he is no oligarch.” So, let’s not go nuts thinking Lindsay Lohan is flying helicopters to yachts and then flying those yachts to super-helicopters and then flying the super-helicopters up to one of those floating-aircraft-carrier things, which are real and hover over the French Riviera all spring and summer. It could easily have been a crooked stockbroker with a penthouse apartment in New Rochelle, is what I’m saying.

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Red flags indicating that the couple's relationship would be a troubled one began to pop up almost immediately.And he showered her with gifts and chocolates to keep her spirits up."The 32-year-old actor is reportedly so smitten with the 19-year-old that he plans to fly to New York with her to meet her mother and manager, Dina.Leonardo split with long-term partner Gisele Bundchen, 25, in November, after a series of rows about his love of partying and reluctance to marry.The pair allegedly celebrated the New year with a midnight kiss after meeting at the New Year's Eve party Lohan hosted at Miami's Prive nightclub.Lohan was hospitalized the next day after suffering an asthma attack but had her friends sneak the 'Titanic' star in to see her.