Linq updating

I've tried it, but for some reason, in my case it duplicates instead of update.The old record is maintained and a new record is created with the information of the record I suppose to update. Here we will learn LINQ to SQL insert, update delete operations in c#, with examples or how to perform crud (insert, update, delete) operations in LINQ to SQL using c#, with examples.The LINQ to SQL is having facility to maintain the changes whatever we do to the objects like adding or removing or updating items in collection object till we submit the changes by using Submit Changes() method.The only difference I can see is I am using SQL Server 2012, not SQL express as the back end data store.Frustrating as this design seems to be exactly what I am looking for.

It does not seem to matter what table name I use for this internal class I use I get the same error.

Following is the syntax of using LINQ to Insert operation query in c#, to insert data in database.

C# Code Before we start implement LINQ to SQL Insert update and delete operations first we need to create a database with required tables and map those tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml) if you don't know the process don't worry check this link create and map database tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml).

Are there any differences because I am using SQL server 2012 and not SQL Express?

Thanks You mention that: Then, construct the Entity Set by passing in these two delegate methods.