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In the second season premiere of “Girls” earlier this month, the 26-year-old actress, writer and director’s body took center stage three times in a space of 30 minutes: once before the credits as her character Hannah Horvath bounced on top of her boyfriend, once when she changed her dress in front of a friend and once in the closing scene when Hannah stripped off to reveal her thong to the camera.Though only three other episodes have aired since then, Dunham has appeared naked, in some form, in all but one.When Marnie (Allison Williams) asks on-again, off-again boyfriend Ray (Alex Karpovsky) to move out, he returns to his believed-to-be-vacant apartment, having received no text message reply from its latest occupant, Jessa (Jemima Kirke).

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— and widely acclaimed as a formidably talented triple threat (director, writer and actor) with the kind of unaffected and self-effacing appeal that can transform even jaded journalists (and grumpy critics) into impassioned admirers, if not gushing fans.

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If you’re not, you had better be apologetic about it, like Melissa Mc Carthy in “Mike & Molly.” But God forbid you’re a woman with an unconventionally beautiful body and you’re okay with it.

Meanwhile, dispatched to Montauk to cover the rise of surf culture among female one-percenters, Hannah (Dunham) bails on a surf lesson taught by Paul-Louis (‘s Riz Ahmed).

Paul-Louis finds her in a bar, she buys him drinks and they dance before going home together, where they attempt sex but she can’t seem to find a comfortable position.