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Sarah Kinney (creator & surrogate mother, deceased); James Howlett (genetic template/"father" deceased); Deborah Kinney (maternal "aunt"); Megan Kinney (maternal "cousin"); Daken ("paternal half-brother"); Erista ("paternal half-brother"); Bellona, Gabby Zelda Kinney (clones/"sisters"); X23_3PAR, Zelda, six unnamed clones (clones/"sisters", deceased); Symbiote Warriors (clones, deceased); William Downing (Gunhawk) ("paternal half-brother", deceased); Amiko Kobayashi ("foster sister"); John Howlett, Sr. You are the last person who will ever think they can own me. As revenge for her insubordination, Rice forced Kinney to act as the surrogate mother for the clone, and she gave birth to "X-23".

("paternal step-grandfather", deceased); Elizabeth Howlett ("paternal grandmother", deceased); Thomas Logan ("paternal grandfather", deceased); Dog Logan ("paternal uncle"); Ronald Kinney (maternal "grandfather", deceased); Leslie Kinney (maternal "grandmother", deceased); Kouen (Fellow clone/"brother")Partner of Gabby, X-Men (Past); formerly X-Men (New Charles Xavier School member), New Charles Xavier School student body, X-Men (Jean Grey School member), Jean Grey School student body, Avengers Academy, X-Force, New X-Men, X. E., X-Men Training Squads, Facility, Wolverines Mobile; formerly New Charles Xavier School for Mutants, near Roanoke, Alberta, Canada; Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York; Avengers Compound, Utopia, San Francisco Bay, California; Graymalkin Industries, Marin Highlands, San Francisco, California; Angel's Aerie, Rocky Mountains, Colorado; Mutant Town, Manhattan, New York City, New York; The Facility, Madripoor I'm not X-23. Seven years later, raised in captivity X-23 was trained to be a weapon.

We're still not quite over Laura's exit from the show back in 2008, leaving after falling into the bottom two against Ruth Lorenzo.

It was an unfortunate pairing with both girls super talented singers that frankly deserved to make the final.

After seven years, Rice had X-23 subjected to radiation poisoning in order to accelerate the activation of her mutant gene, and forcibly extracted her claws and coated them with Adamantium.

After Rice realized the child was growing soft, he blamed her sensei, one of the few people who treated her with kindness, and tested a chemical compound called "trigger scent" on him.

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I started with a rucksack and a diary in a hostel and very empty little pubs in atherton at 15.judge celebrated girlfriend Lauren Silverman's special day by giving her the best gift any partner could ask for: bling!And from what we know about Cowell, the new dad would never disappoint in the jewelry department. Despite resistance from his protégé Doctor Zander Rice, whom Sutter had raised after Rice's father had been killed by a bestial Wolverine at the original Weapon X Project, Sutter allowed Kinney to proceed. Kinney proposed they create a female clone, and though her request was initially denied, she still went ahead and produced a viable female subject, prompting Sutter to reconsider.