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But 30-year-old Cavill is the first grown-up Brit to get the role.With Christian Bale as Batman and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man he now completes an impressive trinity where actors from this side of the Atlantic have the three most iconic American comic heroes sewn up.Cavill starred as Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk in the Showtime television series The Tudors; and in 2008 became the official spokesman for the Dunhill fragrance collection for men. Cavill gained further prominence and international fame playing the titular superhero Superman in the DC Extended Universe starting with the 2013 reboot film Man of Steel, originally the highest-grossing Superman film of all time until it was surpassed by 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he reprised his role as Superman; making it his highest-grossing film to date. More specifically, I’m having a proper British pint, a golden, glistening glass whose shimmering depths promise all the glory of that most fleeting of moments: the English summertime. We’re sitting in the sweltering beer garden of a pub in leafy Twickenham—near where England’s national team plays rugby union, the bone-crunching football-with-no-helmets battle royale often described as “a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen”—and 32-year-old Henry Cavill is drinking his second pint of pilsner top (a pilsner with a dash of lemonade) and radiating contentment. “If I suggested to an American journalist that we do an interview over a beer,” says Cavill, “they’d find it very weird.” (Full disclosure: I am also British.) Beer, wooden tables, small dogs.

This month he plays the cynical, debonair thief-turned-super-spy Napoleon Solo in Having claimed the mantle of cinema’s ultimate good guy, is Cavill now also angling to take ownership of the most charismatic jerk in cinema?

Henry Cavill (born Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill in Channel Islands, England on May 5, 1983), is an English actor.

He played the role of Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk, on The Tudors from 2007 until 2010.

A glance at his biography shows that he also embodies another current trend.

The son of a stockbroker, Henry William Dalgliesh Cavill went to the boarding school Stowe, alma mater of David Niven, Prince Rainier, Sir Richard Branson and Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy.