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It was a joke that turned into a dating rumor.” (Translation courtesy of Soompi.) Surely a “no, they’re just good friends” sort of statement would have sufficed — but a ?

Fans immediately responded to the statement with amusement and sarcasm.

The former took an apathetic approach claiming they had nothing to say while the latter said the relationship rumor to a piece of groundless information likening it to a fiction novel.

I didn’t believe it then, but it must be true.” Of course there are fans who are devoted to their dream relationships.

[ 86, -7] Even G-Dragon is probably hearing about this for the first time.

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Though it is unclear whether the rumours were true or not, speculation seems to always be a source of great entertainment for netizens." "G-Dragon, I saw him performing and he has the movement and discipline of a man. I wanted to take a picture with him but I'm also a celebrity so I was kind of embarrassed to ask that... " "Recently, G-Dragon had a comeback and seems to be doing very well, he's so cool." "Do you know him personally? I'm just a fan." "Something you'd like to say to G-Dragon? He gives off a feeling somewhere between a boy and a man." 19. thinking of it now, I kind of regret not doing it." 20. Joe "I've liked G-Dragon since his 'Heartbreaker' days. I had a chance to greet him in the waiting room not too long ago and honestly I was more nervous then than I was for my debut stage. In fan footage from outside the venue (which has already racked up well over half a million views), both G-Dragon and Dara can be seen leaving the concert after-party together.G-Dragon keeps Dara close to him — like a boyfriend! Some fans swear it’s a split-second kiss, although it looks more like he’s simply speaking to her…or just, you know, turning his head.