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But this is a great time of year to upgrade your fireplace.Check out all the styles and options for gas fireplaces here.When you look around your home, does your fireplace look a little uninviting?Let us help you reestablish it as the focal point of your room.New fireplace units are built with sealed combustion chambers so they don’t require air from inside the building.They also replicate a real wood fire in a much better way.

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Granite is a popular choice and if your fireplace is near your kitchen, you may want to select granite in a complementary color to your counter tops.“In many cases, they are getting their inspiration from restaurants or modern buildings in Boston.” Jim Tully of Woodman's Forge and Fireplace in East Wakefield agrees.“The linear fireplace is starting to catch on in New Hampshire. We thought it was too modern, but we put one in our store and sold five of them.” Adds Alison Jackson of Jackson Fireplace and Patio in Hampton Falls, “The contemporary style of long, skinny fireplaces are very popular with builders and homeowners.Like most masonry-built wood fireplaces, it exhausted up to 300 cubic of a heated room air every minute it was burning. homes have open wood-burning masonry fireplaces like the Vosters’ had, which are only 15 to -15% efficient (or should we say “inefficient”).That means 18,000 cubic feet of heated air escaped the home every hour, in effect drawing cold air into the home through the windows and doors. The Vosters renovated their wood-burning fireplace with a new gas fireplace and updated surround.