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Let’s first look at the regular way of applying conditional formatting in a pivot table.

Suppose you have a pivot table as shown below: In the above dataset, the date is in the rows and we have store sales data in columns.

Here is the regular way of applying conditional formatting to any dataset: All the data points which are above the average of the entire dataset have been highlighted.

The issue with this method is that it has applied the conditional format to a fixed range of cells (B5: D14).

Here are some creative ways you can push conditional formatting beyond its expected uses.

The revised data should resemble that shown in Figure 2..34 to represent time values greater than eight hours, which will work in most cases — you can't use the value 8 or even the time value .Or you could use the predefined Greater Than rule in Excel 20, which will automatically use the more accurate value of 0.333333....Conditional formatting is a great tool for automatically formatting data in Excel, based on the conditions present in a cell(s).For example, we can use conditional formatting to highlight, automatically, all unfavorable budget variances in red and all favorable budget variances in blue.