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Semblance Suite In Three On For Movements: Part IV 8. Semblance Suite In Three On For Movements: Part Ill 7. Svensson was always keen to embrace more electronic sounds alongside his explorations of post-bop, and they are present here in tracks such as the formlessly experimental noise of "Houston, The 5th," the spacious electronic ambience that constantly yet hesitantly adorns the the backdrop (and even Svensson's piano occasionally) on the gorgeous, sinister "Inner City, City Lights," and in Berglund's blasting, fuzzed-out, phase-shifting basslines on the lengthy "Three Falling Free Part II." But the trio's jazz chops are abundant throughout.Opener "Behind the Stars" is a lovely, lilting, solo piano ballad. ended the way they came in, as a committed jazz group constantly seeking new ways of expanding the piano trio format as well the parameters of the music itself.The project had roots dating back to 2003 when Ebsjörn decided to create a chamber orchestral sound as a canvas for a series of live performances.Ek has created these new arrangements for charts that can be found on EST’s albums such as ) and he does so in a marvelous fashion, making use of every facet of the orchestra, blending the traditional sounds of the EST with vast strings and soaring brass which work well in adding stunning layers to these preexisting tracks.

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Out Now Unless you consider yourself to be a Jazz connoisseur (I don’t) or have well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole that is the European jazz scene, you may not have heard of EST, or, the Esbjörn Svensson trio.

If you have however, you will know that the band reached the very height of jazz stardom in the late nineties and into the mid noughties, performing worldwide and making the cover of Downbeat, the US jazz journal.

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A couple of months after pianist Esbjörn Svensson passed away in 2008 after a freak diving accident, what was thought to be the band's final album, Leucocyte, was released. cut Leucocyte while on tour, having no compositions; what emerged came came out of individual ideas or group jams, making this set feel very much like an extension of the previous recording.