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them” refrain that neglects the spiritual well-being of everyone involved.In other words, instead of painting the unbelieving partner as the evil scoffer that impresses weak Christians to backslide, grow complacent or leave Christ altogether, have we ever stopped to consider that they, like us, are beloved souls in need of God’s grace?When a woman loses respect for you as her man, she will then begin to feel less attraction for you and when that happens, she will gradually begin to fall out of love with you.Maintaining a woman’s respect is essentially about being a strong, honest man that she can look up to, rather than a wimpy, unreliable man that she looks down on.After the Christmas poinsettias and pots of bulbs, it is refreshing to return to the garden and find a shrub that, even under January's austere regime, is every bit as showy.The stiff, upright branches of Gaultheria mucronata are laden with berries like gleaming china beads in colours from pearlywhite through pink to deep claret.Sandwich each set between a bobby pin – this will help you easily weave the threads through the links of the bracelet. Pull the first color (coral) from under the first link and over the top of the left side.Lay the second color (blue) over the first color (coral).

In late spring and early summer the plant bears white, pitcher-shaped flowers reminiscent of heather, which cluster thickly around the stems.

It is as well buy several plants, in berry, and to include one of the named male forms -'Thymifolia', for instance - to make sure that they continue fruiting.

Placing them in groups also helps and looks more effective.

Pull the second color (blue) from under the same link and over the top left again.

Repeat the steps, moving onto a new link: put the first color (coral) on top of the second color (blue) and pull it out from under the 2nd link and over the top left.