Dhcp table not updating ip assignments

Correct either the DHCP server database or the host's network configuration.Cause: The IP address considered for offering to a DHCP client does not have a record in a network table.You can use export and import utilities that work with the data stores, even if the servers are using different data store formats.Cause: A client is requesting a specific IP address or seeking to extend a lease on its current IP address.You can recreate the network table by adding the network again using DHCP Manager or the Cause: The IP address considered for offering to a DHCP client is already in use.

Solution: Determine the proper ownership of the address.Click Diagnostics and click DHCP Table to open the web page..header_background_full .header_background_slim .welcome-container .wlc-header .wlc-content .linksys-search-form .i am looking for a solution where i would not have to add an entry every time i attach a new machine to the subnet.is there a configuration which would make dhcp server remember what ip address was allocated to the NIC for the first time and automatically reserve that IP address for all the times. I need to get IP address associated with the MAC address, which i already know.