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Effectively managing the CDM file is at the core of creating a user-friendly billing process and sustaining revenue integrity.

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Two, Preventive Maintenance, now, heads off problems down the road.

Active ongoing maintenance is always better than more time spent on reactive maintenance.

It's possible for one CDM file to contain over 100,000 specific items.It is more important than ever that agents and brokers provide value-added services and proper documentation to their clients to ensure their insurance programs are well structured.Development and use of standards, such as insurance checklists, is one way to achieve these goals.) Racks, Panniers, Trailers, (Trailer Tongue Collar, Trailer Splash Shield), Handlebar Bag, Handlebar and Bar Ends Rack Bag(s), Frame Bag, Handlebar Stap/Bag, Wheel Extension with Long Bag, Third Wheel, Stoker Bag, Bar-End as Brake/Shifter Guard Seat Post Bag (aka Saddlebag), Cargo Net, Map Case or Holder, Mount: Cue Sheet, GPS, Smartphone, Night Lighting, Carry Bag, Brake Lever Strap/Lock - Parking Brake, Bottles and Cages, Pedals, Skewers, Fenders, Kick-Stand, Threadlock Compounds Navigation, Destination and Places to Stay, Sun Navigation, Great and Small Circles, Bicycle Speed/Distance Calculator (AKA Computer), Touring Weather (Global and Local) Issues, Altitude Sickness, Climate Acclimation, Hypothermia, Lightning Facts and Survival, Riding in the Rain Sleeping Bag, Liner, Cover, Pad, Insect Repellant, Batteries, Tent/Food/Cooking Cooking Equipment (Food, Stove, and Fire Follow): Food Management and Issues: Food Planning, Meal Planning Considerations, Slow to Cook Foods, Foods that Don't Carry Well, Eating Correctly on Tour, Tour without Cooking, On-Bike Energy Foods, Group Food Issues, MRE Issues, Pack it OUT, Food Reserve, Food Security and Bear Proofing, Food Storage Wisdom, Miscellaneous Food Issues Stove and Fuel: Int'l Flight/Travel Stove/Fuel Issues, Stove-Fuel Types, Environmental Variables, Stove Environment Match, Fuel Types, Resupply/Fuel, What Experienced Cyclists Use, Hardware/Repair, Field Issues, Group Fire Lighting, Water Management and Issues: Enough Water, Clean Water Risks, Filter/Purifier, Boiling Treatment, Water Management, Water Collection Methods, Cool to Freezing Weather Water Management Sanitation Issues: Sani Basics, Good Habits, How to Poop Outdoors, Ways to Bathe, Cleanup Issues: Dish Washing, Caveats, Laundry Facts, Wear, Lubrication, Cleaning Bicycle Touring Chain Issues Chain Related Touring Wisdom Chain Length, Chain Size/Speed/Width, Chain Tool/Use Notes, Chain Holder Broken Chain and Link Repair Loosen a Kinked or Tight Chain Link Front Derailer Chain/Cage-Rub Noise Front Ring Chain/Cage-Rub Noise Chain-Sprocket Stickiness ('Chain Suck') Rear Derailer Sprocket/Chain-Rub Noise 1 Click/Clink per Chain Revolution Noise General: Inner Tubes, Flats and Hints Tire/Tyre (soon) Bicycle Touring Rim Issues Rim Integrity and Braking Vibration Spoke Issues and Field Fix/Solutions Inner Tube Truth and Myths (Talcum Powder) Air Pump, Air Pressure Conversion Table Slime for Inner Tubes, Tire Liners Damaged Cable Retainer/Guide Tools (Touring Issues and What to Carry) Bar End: Crash Guard for Brakes/Shifters Parking Brake (Stop Bicycle Roll & Fall Over) All About Thread Lock General Noise Symptom/Solution Directory - 30 Days: Bicycle Tour Toolkit Checklist (typically needed for less than 30 Accumulated Rider Days - This list may contain all that some long term riders carry).30 Days: Expedition Bicycle Tour Toolkit Checklist for 30 (Plus) Accumulated Rider Days, Especially for Groups.