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The causes for the crash - according to the preliminary report - were insufficient flight planning (disregarding necessary fuel stops), not declaring an emergency when the fuel neared exhaustion caused the crash, Map depicting proposed and actual itineraries from São Paulo to Medellín.

Blue line indicates the planned route with a refuelling stop at Cobija. Minimum distance without refuelling increased from 1,102 nautical miles (2,041 km; 1,268 mi) to 1,598 nautical miles (2,959 km; 1,839 mi).

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A fuel stop in Cobija would have broken the flight into two segments: an initial segment of 514 nautical miles (952 km; 952,000 m) to Cobija followed by a flight of 1,101 nautical miles (2,039 km; 1,267 mi) to Medellín, a total of 1,615 nautical miles (2,991 km; 1,859 mi).

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The club opted to retain La Mia and arranged a commercial flight from São Paulo and transfer to La Mia at Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia.

(AASANA — Airports and Air Navigation Services Administration) at Santa Cruz de la Sierra reportedly rejected the crew's flight plan for a direct flight to Medellín several times despite pressure to approve it, because of the aircraft's range being almost the same as the flight distance.