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The "Mixers" function lets singles create and join forums dedicated to topics ranging from Christianity to cougars.

So they say, all good things must come to an end, and far be it from us to upset that universal constant. Indeed, most of the time getting past the small talk and pleasantries can be such an arduous task for people that they give up before getting to know the true essence of the other person. Dating websites have proliferated at such a rate that every niche has been catered for. Check out some of the most bizarre dating sites below and maybe start your journey to a whole new way of loving! Can Do Better A site where anyone can vote on which partner in a relationship can do better than their significant other. According to a survey of 700,000 people by dating app Clover, Republicans have outdoor sex 50 percent more often than Democrats.So for every one time a Hillary Clinton fan gets down in the dirt, five more Donald Trump supporters are hosting a patio P in V party.