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is an American actor whose credits include a recurring role on The O. and appearances in feature films Twilight, Pandorum, Never Back Down, Burlesque, Easy A, The Roommate and Priest.He also starred in the short-lived CBS legal drama series Reckless.Ace, Mitch & Rico were the original “Big Three.” Look at the Big Apple now. And there hasn’t been a fast break offense to hit NYC like this since. It’s one of Roc-A-Fella’s greatest contributions to the culture ever.There’s Carmelo, Amar’e and Tyson setting up shop in Madison Square Garden. Both trios are considered the toasts of a town hellbent on remaining in the spotlight. Roc-A-Fella’s always going to be identified through the music it birthed during its reign.When pirates upload movies to the Internet, they’ll mark them in one of a few different formats. Short for “camera”, this tag implies that the movie had been recorded by a camera, snuck into the theater and set up during either a very late-night or early-morning showing where the perpetrator is unlikely to be caught.

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Over the next 10 slides, uncover 10 reasons continues to stand the test of time.

was based off the real live war zone which was the Harlem underworld during the crack-cocaine tidal wave of the 1980s.

As with anything in life, especially over time, lessons are to be learned.

If a studio is pressing the release of a movie right up against the deadline of when the Oscar votes need to come in, often they’ll release their screeners weeks, sometimes even months ahead of the release in order to give judges enough time to deliberate over the quality of any given film.

This is the underlying problem with the screener system.