Dating in non exclusive relationship

We weren’t too serious, but we did see each other every day.

Well, he decided to end things, saying he just needed to figure himself out. We were gonna stay friends, and I was gonna let him decide what he wanted to do.

Well after a couple days his ex contacts me saying she had been talking with him—not that it mattered since he and I weren’t exclusive.

But then she says she is talking to an old friend of mine as well.

I really dislike the idea of dating basically anyone because I might end up hurting...

So I've got like 4 potential gf's in 4 courses but the problem's that they look all the same and I don't know any of them on a deeper level.

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He says it’s not true and we continue on like normal. He tells me that this guy his ex has been talking to apparently fell off the face of the earth. Just try and explain this to me, cause no one else can.Now if you're talking about securing a "sure thing"while out searching for "the one",again,if both parties agree,to each their own.depends on how you define "dating" or casual relationship?Is this that he's sleeping with me and other women.hell no..I really dislike the idea of dating basically anyone because I might end up hurting someone who's only serious or looking for long-term relationships.On top of that I was naive before and I got used by one girl who just used me to get some information and benefits from me in the short-run and treated me like a doormat.