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This means that we’re not including the fundamental ground of being in our everyday life.

If we were to start doing that and put the sacred front and center, we’d get a much bigger platform from which to operate.

Cynthia had moved to Santa Fe from Kansas to study hypnotherapy, and the month she finished her training, Brad moved to Santa Fe from Texas to study film at college.

It would be another five years before they would meet in Los Angeles when Brad would come to see her for hypnotherapy.

Much of Marianne’s teachings are informed by , which seems to be a remarkable tract judging from her references to it.

In that course, we are a thought in the mind of god (and you can pick god to mean whatever it means to you: creation, nature, The Force).

Symbolically, that’s putting the sacred at the center of life.

Therefore, all you need to do is use this law of attraction to manifest the things you want from the world, and you will be happy.

I could give the whole story about why and how that all happened, but it happened and that's not the sermon for today. I'm sure you know how some people change their name to some spiritual Hindu name, possibly. I changed my name to "Reverend Tony" because it constantly reminds me what I'm about.

I'm probably not challenging any of my own beliefs. Sometimes I'll have flashes of what "reality" was like before I started studying . the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic." Okay. the power of the mind to think, understand and form judgments by a process of logic." That's what the dictionary says.

Brad was in a relationship at the time, and Cynthia was happily single and dating.

So there were no romantic feelings from either side, rather just a simple, refreshing warmth of meeting a kindred spirit.