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The current government in Azerbaijan Republic is not as democratic as western countries, although it has a constitution.Many people do not like to discuss or possibly criticize the present government, afraid that it might affect their jobs.) is a city in northwestern Azerbaijan, in the rayon of the same name.Shaki is situated in northern Azerbaijan on the southern part of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, 325 km (202 mi) from Baku. According to the Azerbaijani historians, the name of the town goes back to the ethnonym of the Sakas, who reached the territory of modern-day Azerbaijan in the 7th century BC and populated it for several centuries.Azeris are very warm-hearted people; including family helps them get to know you better and bridges the gap.

Shaki was one of the biggest cities of the Albanian states in the 1st century.

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You could talk about your children, what they are studying, and what kinds of sports they participate in.

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