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Of course, the Gazette’s obit specialist, Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried), can’t find a single person in town with anything nice to say about Harriet, but her boss needs her to humor the old lady anyway; he’s banking on the possibility that Harriet might leave the newspaper a chunk of her sizable fortune when she kicks the bucket for real.

Humoring Harriet means helping her fulfill what she believes to be the musts of a perfect obituary: develop a quirky sideline (morning drive-time DJ at a tiny radio station), make amends with her long-estranged daughter, find a former employee who likes her, and “procure a disadvantaged minority child.” It would be mean to pin a movie’s problems on a little kid, but the character of Brenda (Ann Jewel Lee) speaks to everything that is lazy, cynical, and cloying about The Last Word.

Mark Pellington’s last film, the exhausting I Melt With You, asked what would an up-its-own-ass indie about ennui and middle age look like if it its primary influences were the films of Michael Bay and a dwindling supply of cocaine.

The Last Word, a generic feel-good comic drama that’s lucky to star Shirley Mac Laine, couldn’t be more different.