Circa dating cameo ring

It is set in 800 silver and has a rabbit ear clasp. The ladies noses have a sharp upturn therefore this cameo is not very old. The faces are very light white color and the background is almost a caramel color.

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The pattern of raised beads and fine twisted wire work is Etruscan revival, a classical style of jewelry inspired by the archeological digs of the mid 19th century. Lacy gold-gilt antique belt buckle with French blue glass stones in saw tooth bezel settings. Please click on image to your left for an enlarged view. A very few dings here and there appropriate to its age. Frame is possibly sterling, however, unmarked for silver content. A slight snowy appearance more marked in the photographs than in real life. Item# JA-0815-01 Lushly romantic filigree dangle earrings. Item# JA-505 The Art Nouveau movement may have faded at the dawn of the first World War but it left behind incredibly beautiful examples of its unique emotive beauty.

General Identification Carved Cameo Qualities Painted Cameo Qualities Community Q&A The cameo is a very elegant piece of jewelry that has recently come back into fashion, but due to its popularity, there are more realistic imitations nowadays than ever before.

It can be difficult to know when a cameo is an authentic antique piece or a modern day imitation, but there are a few clues to consider.

Many of the hallmark and maker's mark reference materials are organized by time period, some books covering only a particular jewelry era.

Books specifically listing hallmarks are usually organized by country and further by time period within the country.