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The Twins) take the stage this Friday night at the Moore Theatre for a sold-out “Pin Drop” show to benefit KEXP’s New Home, you can expect to hear new songs crackling with energy and emotion.That’s a direct outcome of the real life feel-for-all the band encountered while making its forthcoming album, (available March 3).

Raise The Roof is a rare opportunity to experience a special charity event in a setting like no other.

Carlile describes “I Belong to You” as a “weird, twisted love song about my wife, and how that relationship has changed me fundamentally,” and “Beginning to Feel the Years” previously served as the processional when Carlile and Catherine Shepherd tied the knot in 2012.

Their family was about to expand when Carlile set to work on the new album.

We also learned that in addition to being the badass musician that she is, she’s chock full of girl power advice for young musicians. The pressure of having to do a set somewhere and know a lot of songs, and know how to play them, and present yourself, was kind of lifted because there were new people walking by every two seconds.

Read on for a taste of Brandi’s bold, brave, brilliant ethos. So I could play and recycle the same songs over and over again. The thing I learned, I think, that was the most poignant about busking, was I learned what makes people stop what they’re doing; in a really extreme sense.