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When we started preparing to move to the US, we were almost 100% sure we were going to go to Boulder, Colorado. I’m pretty picky about where I live, and Boulder seems to check off a lot of things on the list that make a town a good place to live.

It’s a nice town, with a lot of things going for it: beautiful places to go outdoors, a good university, and a booming tech scene. Having grown up in Oregon, the idea of going to Colorado, with many new places to explore, was also appealing.

If you’re trying to meet someone for real, shots of fireball probably should be avoided (or not, maybe they’ll loosen you up). Let your dorkiness come out gradually; you don’t want to overwhelm the person with an overwhelming knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons. I like to describe Denver’s dining culture as stoner chic. But know your limits – there is such a thing as having one too many. DON’T show up with a case of PBR, Bud Lite or any other shitty substitute you forced down that could be confused with water. Denver dating is not easy, but it is easy to laugh about so at least there’s that.

There are some very inventive combinations from the Pop Rocks Hamachi at Tag to Pad Thai Pig Ears at Euclid Hall. It stopped being cute after college (not that it ever was).

One part of the problem is that there is a significant minority of people in Boulder who seem to not want any change at all.

They want it to remain exactly as it was when they moved there 30 or 40 years ago, and the changes that have already taken place disturb these people.

Cupid’s Cronies is not a dating service who just sends people on a ton of dates.

Go on a Walk Not only is this a healthy date idea, this is a perfect excuse to look at the gorgeous fall trees and get in touch with your city.

Fall is so beautiful, why not get out there and enjoy it?

Find a lake to walk around, or a path to take a bike ride; you could even stop and get a cup of coffee on the way.

Start the day off with no plans and make some as you go.