Books for teens on relationships and dating

Tweens and teens are entering a new world of love and romantic relationships.

But when you combine the overwhelming emotions of first crushes and partners with the emotional complexity of tween and teen minds, it can be hard to figure out whether a relationship is real — and whether it's healthy.

Open-ended questions invite teens to think about Terra’s advice and what it means to them.

The tone throughout is upbeat, positive, honest, and respectful—reasons why Annie Fox is the person kids turn to when they need someone to listen.

In early and mid-adolescence, teenagers often involve themselves in a series of short-term relationships, which may be labeled as "crushes," "being smitten," or even "falling in love." However, they are usually characterized by high emotional intensity and often last a short period of time.

These brief relationships provide the necessary experience for future, more stable relationships in future life.

See how it applies to situations you’ve already been in.But parents and educators who teach kids about what a positive, respectful relationship looks like — and how to identify an unhealthy one — can make a huge difference.So this February, start talking to your kids about what healthy relationships look like! Based on hundreds of emails Annie has received, it gives readers the scoop on what matters most to them: their feelings, looks, and decisions; boyfriends and girlfriends; sex and sexuality; how to make a relationship work (and what to do when it doesn’t); finding and keeping real friends; handling problems with parents and siblings; dealing with other authority figures (teachers, employers, coaches); and more. Instead of letting all this truly great relationship information vanish forever, I decided to give it away for FREE. This book brings Terra out of cyberspace and onto the printed page.