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Relate Con brought into the open a community that has gained momentum online but, because of Idaho law and misrepresentation in the media and broader society, has been largely secretive.

"I just want people to not feel so alone in what they're doing," said Jennifer Hyde, who is president of the Boise Polyamory Network, a mostly online group of approximately 450 people who practice or are interested in polyamory in the Boise area.

But AP found multiple cases where coaches knew and failed to intervene or, worse, tried to cover it up.

The AP examined sexual violence in school sports as part of its larger look at student-on-student sex assaults .

The event, which brought 120 people to Boise from across North America, was a big moment for people who have disavowed monogamy in favor of having their romantic, emotional and physical needs met by multiple partners.Mischaracterized as hazing and bullying, the violence is so normalized on some teams that it persists for years, as players attacked one season become aggressors the next.Coaches frequently say they're not aware of what's happening.The white adoptive mother of a black, mentally-disabled football player claims she spent months warning his school about racist threats to her children prior to her son's alleged sexual assault at the hands of three of his teammates.Shelly Mc Daniel has filed a million lawsuit against the Dietrich School District after her son, 18, was allegedly held down by one teammate while two others brutally sodomized him with a coat hanger.